DecisionHR – Experts on the Affordable Care Act

We’ll help you deal with the regulations, classifications and frustrations of the ACA.

  • Is your company, Common Ownership (all related member companies/entities), considered small, medium or large?
  • What is your look-back strategy for full-time equivalent (FTE) testing?
  • Are current and future plans compliant?
  • When must you comply with Employer Shared Responsibility (“Pay or Play”) Tax provisions?
  • What do premium subsidies mean to you?
  • Do you have an Employer Mandate Cost Calculator?
  • What are Essential Health Benefits Packages?
  • Do you qualify for transitional reinsurance fee or transitional relief in?
  • Do you deserve Small Business Tax Credits?
  • What are IRS forms 1094C & 1095C?
  • What are Reporting Codes 6055 & 6056?
  • Will you be subject to High Cost (“Cadillac”) Plan Excise Taxes?
  • How will you manage ever-changing compliance timelines?