Author: Jennifer Rodriguez

How Inclement Weather Can Affect Employment Laws

When a hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire, winter storm or other emergencies occur, numerous employment laws are implicated, including the federal law discussed below. Fair Labor Standards Act: Reduction of Pay and Work Hours Nonexempt employees: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay nonexempt employees only for hours that the employees have actually worked. Therefore,

Unemployment Tip: Mutual Separations and Separation Agreements

Unemployment benefits. We recently wrote a blog with some basic information about how it works, who decides if an individual will receive unemployment benefits and who pays for unemployment. You can read that here for a quick recap. In some cases, when an employee is separated from employment, the separation will be considered a “mutual

Employers should review EEO-1 guidance before Pay Data reporting deadline September 30, 2019

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a sample form, instructions, and FAQs to help employers submit employee pay data. The data is to be sorted by job category, race, ethnicity, and sex. This information is due to the agency by September 30, 2019. Earlier this year, employers were required to submit EEO-1 Component 1

Let Us Assist With Your E-Verify For New Hires

Several states have passed mandatory E-Verify laws that require businesses to confirm the work eligibility of all new hires using the federal electronic verification system. Employers that fail to follow these mandatory measures may be subject to serious sanctions. This chart shows which states have mandatory E-Verify laws that apply to private employers and/or to state