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Changes in the “Golden State” – Updates in California

Lots of changes this year in California.  Here are just a couple of the major developments you should be aware of if you are running a business in California: San Francisco Amends Ban-the-Box Law On April 3, 2018, San Francisco amended its Fair Chance Ordinance. The amended ordinance, which will take effect on October 1,

You’ll Never Be Too Prepared – Disaster Recovery

Would you be ready if mother nature threw a hurricane straight into your area? By the time you hear the news you’re hustling to get supplies before the store shelves are empty. DecisionHR recommends that you have a disaster recovery plan prepared and ready for any weather disasters that may suddenly occur. We are providing

How to Avoid The Seven Deadly Harassment Sins

What is the last thing you want for your business? A lawsuit! In today’s litigious and uncertain business environment, companies are subject to more and more legal restrictions and obligations each year. With that being said, it’s very important to understand how to best handle employee complaints, grievances, or allegations of misconduct. How can you

Florida Blue is Coming!

Healthcare . . . Healthcare . . . Healthcare.  As an American, this issue is an extremely important one that affects so many facets of our lives. It is on the tongues of our politicians, HR departments, insurance companies and most of all – our employees. As the key decision maker for your company, the

Beat The Heat This Summer – Summer Heat Tips For Outdoor Activities

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising across the country. While many people have the advantage of working inside all summer, spending time outdoors in the summer months can be harmful. The heat is no joke, and it’s very important that those of us who spend time outdoors in the summer months are aware

Six Tips to Avoid Harassment or Discrimination Claims

No one, from employees to employers, wishes to ever experience a harassment or discrimination claim.  It is mentally exhausting, expensive and causes negative waves to wash throughout the whole organization. Additionally, claims of this nature can lead to adverse effects that an organization can feel for months and even years. As an employer, you can

Florida Workers Compensation Rate Filing

DecisionHR has been closely monitoring the regulatory environment in Florida this year, and we want to alert our clients in the Sunshine State of a game-changing ruling. Effective October 1, 2016, a state-wide, mandated increase in the rates of Florida workers compensation will go into effect for all businesses in Florida.  The details of individual

What a Summer! DecisionHR is Staying Ahead of the Industry for You

As the summer of 2016 comes to a close, it was a whirlwind of activity in the employee and compensation management industries. We at DecisionHR have been monitoring and tracking the flurry of activity the last few months, and our experts are here to consult with you on the many changes that may impact your