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The world of workers compensation can be a swirling vortex of confusion. Questions spinning around in your head are enough to have you dashing for the medicine cabinet in search of pain relievers. Do you sometimes wonder what should be reported as a claim and what shouldn’t? Do you think, “Oh they are not really injured, so I don’t have to report it”?

Well, we hope that by providing the following answers to the most common questions will help you avoid a few headaches.

What should I report?
If you question it, you should report it. Our adjuster will always let you know whether there will be a claim made on the incident or not.

Do I need to send the employee for a drug screen?
Yes, all employees should be sent for a drug screen. All screens must be done within 24 hours of the accident.

Do I need to report an auto accident?
Yes, you do! Workers compensation needs to be one of the first contacted right after the accident. As a reminder, only accidents that occurred during work hours (not commuting to and from work) should be reported.

My employee was hurt but didn’t seek treatment.  Do I need to report the incident?
Yes. You should always report accidents, even without treatment. Additionally, he/she would also need to fill out and sign an incident report that also notes that they refused treatment.

And this is the important part – here are the details to report a claim:

• Fax your claim to 855-204-4169
• OR Contact 888-828-5511 to request a claim form
• For urgent matters, the claims can be completed by a WC Specialist.  Contact 888-828-5511 with the details

By following these simple recommendations, you can avoid those mind-numbing thoughts about what you should do in the event someone who reports to you is injured. We have years of experience and dedicated professionals in the workers compensation field. If you have any questions or need any help – contact us today!