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There’s more to a business than quarterly income statements or profit & loss reports. Companies are made up of humans who collectively bring their strengths and abilities together to establish a strong culture. And what comes with humans, feelings and emotions? A lot of issues that can affect the overall health of a business. When an employee becomes too comfortable, overworked or even unhappy, the business can suffer from low productivity levels, which adversely impacts the company. Managers need to learn how to motivate, encourage, and challenge their workers to maximize profits and keep the business running smoothly.

Implementing these tips into a manager’s daily schedule can keep employees motivated and productive.

  1. Treat Employees as Human Beings.

Chat with employees about subjects other than work. Managers don’t have to become their best friends, but occasionally spark conversation by asking them about their favorite sports team or what they like to do on weekends. Naturally, employees will work harder if they notice that their boss cares.

  1. Don’t Micro-Manage.

Employees should be given direction, but at the same time they each have their own way of performing tasks. Try not to nit-pick every detail, but instead give instructions and let them handle the day-to-day activities. This makes employees feel comfortable in their position rather than feeling overwhelmed. Also, it allows them to take control of their role and learn the business on their own.

  1. Give Employees the Opportunity to Gain Experience in Other Roles

Employees don’t feel challenged when they repeatedly complete the same tasks. Try to assign them to different projects that motivate them to go outside of their comfort zone and gain insights from other departments in the company. This is beneficial to the business as employees become well rounded in other areas of work.

  1. Recognize Good Work

Spread words of encouragement by acknowledging good work. Constructive criticism is needed at times, but there needs to be a balance of positive feedback as well. Often, words of recognition could mean more to employees than financial rewards. This will boost their confidence and inspire them to continue executing great work!

  1. Assign Realistic Deadlines

Stress is commonly caused when employees are overloaded with work that they cannot complete in a reasonable amount of time. Spread out deadlines in order for employees to perform to the best of their abilities. Workers want to feel accomplished when they finish a project or task.

  1. Provide Training

Encourage employees to enroll in training courses or attend seminars where they can learn related skills that will benefit them in their field of work. There is always room for growth, plus they are educating themselves on new information that they can apply in the future.  Employees are thankful when companies care about investing in their professional growth and development.

Employees that are appreciated and valued correlates highly with a productive business environment. It’s the manager’s job to implement these tips in order for employees to be more invested in the company and its future growth. You will not only boost your profits, increase your long-term employee retention rate and gain brand equity, but you will create a positive work environment for any employee that walks through the door.  DecisionHR believes motivated employees are key to a successful business. If you ever have any questions on how to keep employees motivated, contact your HR Business Partner.  We’re here to help.