Are You Paying Your Summer Interns Correctly?

Are You Paying Your Summer Interns Correctly?

If it’s summer, it’s not only a needed break for students but a time for them to earn real-life work experience and learn more about the world awaiting them after their studies are complete.

As an employer, there are many things to keep in mind if you are bringing on interns into your organization. The first is to categorize your interns accordingly.

If an employer’s interns are “employees,” they are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and must be paid at least the minimum wage. Interns may be exempt from the requirements of the FLSA if they can be categorized as “trainees” as defined under the law.

In January 2018, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provided updated guidance to reflect the criteria to identify the primary beneficiary in determining whether an employment relationship with an intern or student exists.

The seven criteria are as follows:

  1. Both parties understand that the intern is not entitled to compensation.
  2. The internship provides training that would be given in an educational environment.
  3. The intern’s completion of the program entitles him or her to academic credit.
  4. The internship corresponds with the academic calendar.
  5. The internship’s duration is limited to the period when the internship educates the intern.
  6. The intern’s work complements rather than displaces the work of paid employees while providing significant educational benefits.
  7. The intern and the employer understand that the internship is conducted without entitlement to a paid job at the internship’s end.

According to the DOL, “courts have described the ‘primary beneficiary test’ as a flexible test, and no single factor is determinative. Accordingly, whether an intern or student is an employee under the FLSA necessarily depends on the unique circumstances of each case.” Refer to the DOL website for more information on internship programs.

When an employer is the primary beneficiary of the relationship, interns should be paid as employees—at least minimum wage and overtime compensation when appropriate. Although earning class credit for the internship benefits the intern and can be required by the employer, class credit is not considered wages and should not be substituted for wages.

Employers are encouraged to consult with legal counsel when designing and implementing an internship program.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your assigned DecisionHR Human Resources Business Partner at 1-888-828-5511.

Don’t Fall for PEO Myths

Don’t Fall for PEO Myths

As a business owner, how much time do you put into your HR administrative duties? More than ten hours a week? Between payroll, employee benefits, and human resource compliance, your workload may seem like it’s never-ending. It’s time for you to get some help from a professional employer organization (PEO).

DecisionHR understands that you’ve put your heart and soul into developing your business. Why would you ever want to hand over the reins? Well, here’s why… A PEO will save you time and money so you can invest in what’s most important – building your business. Say goodbye to those long hours of admin work and start boosting your bottom line.

Is your business ready to benefit from a PEO? Discover what a PEO can really do for you versus the mythical illusions that can fog your mind.

Myth #1: You Won’t Be in Control

A PEO only handles administrative tasks, leaving you with more time to track and manage your ongoing operations. You handle the revenue producing activities, while a PEO finds workforce solutions that will reduce costs, increase profits, and attract long-term employees.

Myth #2: A PEO Won’t Actually Save Me Money

A PEO receives cheaper insurance rates for clients because they are able to employ a lot of people, leading to deep discounts not available to most small businesses. Also, you won’t have to dedicate ten or more hours on human resource duties each week. You will be able to invest your time in critical business activities instead of paperwork and administrative tasks.

Myth #3: No Power to Hire or Fire

A PEO will take the time to get to know your business and its culture. They will recruit future employees who have the skill sets needed for any open position and assure that they are a great fit for your team. You are still able to make all final decisions of who gets hired or fired, and a PEO will do the rest. No headaches, no worries.

Are you ready to save time and money and focus on growing your business? Partnering with a PEO is your answer. DecisionHR is proud to empower its clients with industry-leading benefits and human resource solutions, so you can focus on what’s most important – running your business.

With their best-in-class benefits administration and HR technology solutions DecisionHR gives their clients peace of mind. We are the right decision for all of your HR needs. If you ever have any questions about our services, contact one of our Human Resources Business Partner at 1-888-828-5511.

Back to Reality – How to Maintain Peace of Mind When You Return to Work

Back to Reality – How to Maintain Peace of Mind When You Return to Work

The end of summer is almost upon us. Were you able to create some amazing summer memories? Did it involve trips to new cities? Long road trips with friends and family? Did you immerse yourself in a new culture that forced you to try new food?

No matter how you spent your summer, the familiar, nagging feeling returns when your vacation ends – that feeling of going back to work. All good things come to an end –  it’s time to get back to work.

DecisionHR understands how hard it is to bounce back, but we have a few ways that can make this transition easy. You won’t just feel rejuvenated, but as productive and motivated, just as you were before you left.

Unpack and Organize

As soon as you return home, unpack, do laundry, and organize all at once. Some people usually wait to complete these chores, but it’s beneficial to do it right away. This will get you in the right mindset because it allows you to move forward mentally, leaving vacation behind. Once you’ve finished cleaning and organizing, you will feel better about being home and prepared for the work week ahead of you.

Manage Your Schedule

Before you go away on vacation, set time on your calendar for catch-up time after you return to work. This time can be used to go over missed work while you get back into your normal work routine. This will prevent other employees from disturbing you and will help get you back on track as fast as possible. Spread this time out wisely, so you aren’t stressed with an abundance of work at once.

Set Realistic Goals

Once you return to work, you will be greeted with a full inbox, a ton of missed calls, and unfinished projects. Don’t stress out. It’s impossible to sort through everything, so take it slow and steady. Thankfully, there are email management tools in Outlook, which can automatically separate the emails you receive in different labeled folders. Create two folders, one for emails that you are cc’d on and one for emails that are marked with high importance. Once you’re back in the office, these emails will already be sorted and ready for you.

Get Excited

Just like when kids get that back to school excitement, try to look forward to those moments that make you excited to go to work. Is there a new business strategy that you’ve decided to implement? Do you miss the fun conversations you have with your employees? Finding something to get excited about will make the first day back a lot easier because you will arrive to work with great energy and focus.

Here at DecisionHR, we know that summer vacations make it challenging to shift back into a work mindset. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome those post vacation “feelings” that will make your transition back to work a lot smoother. Don’t let the fear of returning to work ruin your peace of mind.


Why DecisionHR? Hear What Our Clients Are Saying . . .

Why DecisionHR?  Hear What Our Clients Are Saying . . .

As a small business owner, time is your most valuable asset. Your decisions affect the future success of your organization and it’s important to make choices that benefit your business. How can you decipher what’s working and what isn’t working? How do you know if your business is moving in the right direction?

DecisionHR knows what it feels like to have a dream and we are here to make those dreams come true. We understand how stressful it is to manage your business, develop your employees and stay up to date with the current and future industry trends while also focusing on human resource issues. That’s why DecisionHR is here to take the hard work off your hands so you can focus on what’s most important – growing your business.

Every business is unique. As such, DecisionHR can provide as much or as little assistance to meet and exceed your company’s needs. For over 20 years, DecisionHR has been assisting our valued clients.  Hear what a few of our valued clients have to say about our services:

“I want to give kudos to my payroll specialist. Today was such a hectic day with so many issues at the office and with our clients. When I submitted payroll, there were several corrections that the payroll specialist at DecisionHR found and was able to fix them for me. She was very professional and I appreciate that she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

                                                                                                       ~ client in New York

Our human resource consultants and our committed team will help reduce your stress as we focus on eliminating any problems that come your way.

“Your team member was able to go above and beyond helping me with some employee relation issues and we needed something with a quick turnaround. She was nice, professional, and knowledgeable. This is why we chose to go with DecisionHR, so we have a dedicated HR Partner.”

~client in Florida

We strive to provide superior human resource services, so you have more time to work on your most important business objectives.

“I appreciate the helpful response to a previous HR question. I wish to both applaud DecisionHR and extend my appreciation for how quickly they have responded to every question that I have asked them in the last twenty-four hours. That’s HR business partnering at its finest.”

~ client in Florida

We work hard to provide quick and efficient services because our happiness stems from your success.

DecisionHR wants to say thank you to our clients for sharing their customer experiences. Our organization feels fulfilled knowing that you made the right choice with us. We are not “just” a professional employer organization (PEO), we are the right decision for all of your HR needs. Put your business in trusted hands and let us support you.  If you ever have any questions about our services, contact your Human Resources Business Partner at 1-888-828-5511.